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We carry genuine Oralite (formerly Reflexite) SOLAS tape in both adhesive and sew-on varieties. For our adhesive SOLAS, we carry both 1404 flexible and 1403 for hard surfaces.  In our SOLAS alternative categories, we offer white and colored tapes each with characteristics similar to SOLAS but at a more affordable price. The links to the right will take you to articles about each type of tape.

SOLAS is a Coast Guard designation and stands for “Safety Of Life At Sea”.  SOLAS tape is used in marine environments to assist search and rescue operations.  The tape is applied to pleasure craft, sailboats,  lifeboats, life rafts, life jackets, life rings, and other objects so that they can be spotted in the water by rescue personnel.

The main difference between SOLAS and other reflective tapes is brightness.  SOLAS has a candela rating of over 1000.  Standard engineer grade sheeting like you would see on a car tag is about 75.  This extreme reflectivity allows the tape to be seen for thousands of feet instead of hundreds.  In search and rescue operations, the extreme reflectivity that SOLAS tape offers can mean the difference between life and death.  The second difference is adhesive strength.  Oralite SOLAS has 5 mils of aggressive adhesive versus 2.5 for other Oralite films.  This extra adhesive comes in handy when the tape is applied to a non-standard surface such as wood or pitted metal.

Solas reflective tape ultra bright coast guard approvedOralite SOLAS reflective films are popular in many applications besides marine environments.  Motorcyclists and Bicyclists use it to increase their visibility to automobiles. Also, its ability to cut through blinding snow makes it popular for snowmobiles and snow trail markers. If you really want to be seen, Oralite SOLAS will do the job.

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