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Flexible High Intensity Tape – SOLAS Alternative

Our Flexible High Intensity reflective tape is a great alternative to our regular SOLAS. It also has some distinct advantages over regular SOLAS.  First, it is flexible and will stretch to conform to almost any surface.  It is the only tape that will conform to this extent.  This conformability makes it perfect for marking odd shaped surfaces.  Second, it is less expensive than SOLAS.  Third, it comes in three colors, white, yellow and orange.  We carry 1″, 2″, 4″, and 6″ rolls of this material.

flexible high intensity solas reflective alternative flex_stretch

1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ Oralite (Reflexite) V82 Prismatic Tape Rolls – SOLAS Alternative

Reflexite’s V82 series tapes are some of the brightest in the world. They are very similar to SOLAS in intensity. The main difference is that the SOLAS tape has the ships wheel logo and is certified for SOLAS applications.  Also, SOLAS is more expensive.

V82 Silver/White is a certified Type 5 film and has a reflectivity rating of over 700 Candelas. This is bright enough to be seen for thousands of feet away versus hundreds for standard engineer grade tapes. This makes this product ideal for applications that require visibility at great distances.  This material is very popular with motorcyclists and boaters. It  has a 10 year outdoor rating. We call this a SOLAS alternative because it is close in brightness and appearance but at a much lower cost per roll.